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WELCOME TO THE 80sThen80sNow Fan Club!
Thank You to All the Men and Women (More like Grown up Kids) That Help Support What I Do.  Your Kindness And Support goes a Long Way in Helping Me Provide Daily Content, Giveaways, Live Feeds and Everything in Between!

Listed Below Are My Little Angels!

Amanda L. (AR)
Ana A. (Delhi)
Anissa A. (TX)
Angelique M. (AR)
Anne H. (PA)
Barb R. (US)
Catherine D. (NY)
Chris D. (TX)
Danny R. (FL)
Denise M. (IL)
Derrald B. (CA)
Diana D. (CO)
Elizabeth K. (NV)
Erich S. (MD)
Hannah T. (TX)
Jason L. (NJ)
Jimmy A. (CT)
Jennifer L. (WA)
Jeremy B. (VA)
Jimmy T. (SC)
Jocelyn, B. (TX)
Jodi G. (TN)
Jody S. (MN)
Joseph C. (NY)
John S. (OH)
Joshua & Jaiden G. (NY)
Khaleesi S.
Kim F. (CA)
Kim S. (MD)
Kandice S. (MN)
Karissa V. (IL)
Lauren K. (IL)
Lee-Kalu G. (NY)
Liz E. (CA)
Liz V. (NY)
Louis Q. (CA)
Matthew C. (MA)
May C. (NY)
Melissa P. (VA)
Melissa T. (NY)
Michael B. (IA)
Michael P. (MI)
Mike G. (TX)
Misty H. (TX)
Morrow Brothers (NY)
Nicole D (PA)
Patrick B. (KY)
Peter St. E (CAN)
Richard M. (NJ)
Rocco V. (FL)
Rose N. (NJ)
Sergio N. (CA)
Sharita S. (AZ)
Sophie G. (IL)
Terri H. (SC)
Tina S. (NY)
Todd M. (IL)
Tonya T. (TX)
Valerie C. (NJ)
Virginia C. (Uruguay)
Wally K. (IL)
Wilfredo F. (MA)

Stefan Skutack
Lars Frederiksen
San Francisco
Tone Coco

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