About J.P.

Hi, John. I don't even know where to begin so why don't you just tell us a little about yourself!
So what should I call you?
Okay, J.P it is. Where are you from J.P?
Great. Okay, let's get right down to business. Your collection, is how do I say....
Well, yes it is. It's unprecedented. Historic even!
What do you mean?
That's terrible. How did you cope?
Where did you buy all these 80's items?
What were you looking for at these places and sites?
Why those years? Why 1980 to 1989?
What is it you enjoyed about the 1980's?
Is that healthy?
Were they right?
I understand you tried setting a new World Record for "Most 1980's Toys" with the Guinness Book. Can you say more about that?
So why didn't you?
So then why didn't you do all this years ago?
Did you?
Oh my God. So then what happened?
Hence the 80s Then 80s Now website?
Oh wow. And when will we see it?
I hope so too! So let's say best case scenario this becomes a huge hit...
Okay, so WHEN it becomes a huge hit with the world what do you plan on doing with all your stuff?
That sounds like a great idea.
How do you plan on reaching the masses with the 80sThen80sNow website?
You mean there's even more?
I don't even know what to say.
I certainly will. So, do you have a specific group of people in mind that you expect to follow you and your collection?
That's awesome.
Your story is inspirational and will no doubt help many others. Are you concerned at all with receiving responses that are negative?
Absolutely! Finally, is there anyone you'd like to dedicate this project to?
Agreed! Any parting words?